As we head into 2022 we are excited to announce a new membership offering for our customers and a few changes to our current prices.

From 2nd Jan 2022 we will be introducing a new off-peak recurring membership that will be ideal for the early risers out there or those who enjoy climbing in the early afternoon. This new off-peak recurring membership will allow you unlimited climbing at your centre of choice from just £40 per month with off-peak times operating Monday to Friday from opening to 1600 at both centres. As an off-peak member you must simply check-in at reception before 1600 but once in, you are welcome to climb for as long as you want after this time.

We will be adjusting the opening hours of Tottenham Hale to open at 0800 Mon-Fri to benefit those wishing to take up this membership while London Fields will continue to open at 0700 Mon-Fri. If you want  to visit during our Peak times when on this membership there is simply a £6 add-on to pay when you check-in. If you are already a recurring monthly member and want to move over to this new membership then please let a member of staff know at reception or email and we will adjust your membership to change over at the start of the next calendar month.

If you are a parent who brings their children climbing at Stronghold you will be glad to hear that we’ve created a bolt-on membership option for any child who is U18. For just £10 extra to your existing membership you can have your own child come climb with you at any Stronghold. There’s no limit to the amount of children you can have on this membership as long as you can stay within our supervisory guidelines. This £10 bolt on allows your child to climb at any Stronghold centre no matter what type of membership you have. If you are not a member of Stronghold but have a keen U18 climber in the family you can always get our existing U18 EFT that allows them to have unlimited climbing at any Stronghold centre for £45 per month.

The other small change is a London Fields Adult Day Pass will now be £12.50 while Tottenham Hale will stay at £12. All our other membership and multi-visit entry prices will stay the same. You can view our current 2021 prices on our Pricing and Membership pages. The new membership options and pricing listed below will begin on 1st Jan 2022.

Summary of main changes for 2022:

Recurring Monthly Membership: Off-Peak
Mon-Fri: Open to 1600
£6 fee if check-in is at Peak Times
£40 £45 £50

Recurring Monthly add-on to an existing Adult membership: Child (17 and under)



Day Pass (Adult)


£12 £12.50
Shoe Rental (Adult) £3.50 £3.50