Boulder League

The Stronghold Bouldering League is back for Summer 2018 with the first round taking place on Friday, May 4.

There are four month long rounds followed by the Grand Final Day on Saturday, September 8.

Each round will consist of 30 new yellow problems, starting from V0 (very easy) to V10 (very hard), and you have one month to try and complete as many as possible.

To enter just ask for a £3 score card at the reception. All money goes towards the final prize pool – Stronghold will round the prize pool up to the nearest £1,000.


Absolutely! This will be a fun and friendly competition open to all levels, from beginners to elite, leading to an exciting finale as competitors fight it out for the top prizes. Throughout the rounds there will also be numerous raffles and prizes for climbers of all levels. It’s also a great way to track your climbing through the summer months and keep up your focus.

Boulder League

There will be 30 new problems set every month, problem one will be the easiest and problem 30 will be the hardest. The grades and a map of the problems are on the score cards.

Each round will begin on the first Friday of every month at 6.30pm. Everyone who comes on the night and buys a score card will be entered into a raffle draw which will happen at 8pm. Drinks and food will also be available.

Raffle prizes include a free month membership to Stronghold, free private coaching session, free hot drinks voucher, Stronghold t-shirts and vests, chalk bags, chalk and liquid chalk.

You have the full month to try the problems and score yourself as you go round. You can leave your score card at reception to collect whenever you return during the month.

All score cards must be handed in by the end of the round. We record all of the results and publish them a week after the start of the next round.

Climbers three best scores from the first four rounds go towards their final score.

Round 1 – Friday, May 4 – Ben Norman
Round 2 – Friday, June 8 – Jason Pickles
Round 3 – Friday, July 6
Round 4 – Friday, August 3


Our Summer Bouldering League culminates in an all day event that will be held on Saturday, September 8.

Climbers will have from 9am until 5pm to try the 30 new problems and their points from the day will be doubled and added to their best three scores from the first four rounds.

There will be food and drink served throughout the day.

The top four senior men and top four senior women will then climb in the Grand Final at 6pm to see who will claim the overall prize.

Everyone is welcome to watch the Grand Final and the age group presentations. Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each age group and gender category.


Veteran – Born on or before 1971
Senior – Born between 1972 – 1999
Junior – Born on 2000 or 2001
Youth – Born on or after 2002

The Summer Bouldering League is a relaxed and fun competition which will lead to a tense final on the Grand Final day. Even though it’s a relaxed competition there are still a few rules which need to be followed.
If you are un-sure of any of the rules just speak to a member of staff and they will happily advise you.

• Start with at least one hand on the tagged starting hold. A hand can also go on any hold lower than the tagged starting hold.
• You must not work (practice) individual moves on a problem. Every attempt must start at the tagged starting hold.
• You can use the walls or volumes for smearing if required.
• The last hold must be matched in control for it to be a successful ascent.
• The bonus holds are marked and must be held in control to count, not just touched.
• The bonus hold only counts if you fail to complete the problem.

• Write the number of points you attain for each problem.
• You score yourself (honesty is the best policy).
• Write your full name clearly on the score card.
• Once you feel you have done all the problems you can tally your points and write the total on the card and return in to reception.

Boulder League