Winter Bouldering League

The Stronghold Winter Bouldering League 2017/18 consists of five rounds, which will be taking place from October 2017 through to February 2018.

The first four rounds will consist of 30 yellow problems per round. You have a month to try and complete as many as possible. The problems vary from V0 (very easy) to V10 (pretty darn hard).

This will be followed by the fifth and final round, a grand final single day event held on Saturday, March 3. The centre will be open from 9am until 5pm for competitors to complete another 30 problems on the day.

The top four competitors from the Senior Male and Female categories will then be selected to enter the showcase final starting at 6.30 pm. This final will then determine the top four Male and Female places of the league, irrespective of earlier points.

Absolutely, this will be a fun and friendly competition open to all levels, from beginners to elite, leading to an exciting finale as competitors fight it out for the top prizes. Throughout the rounds there will also be numerous raffles and prizes for climbers of all levels. It’s also a great way to track your climbing through the winter months and keep up your focus.

Winter Bouldering League

• There will be 30 new problems set every month. Problem 1 will be the easiest and problem 30 will be the hardest. The grades and  a map of the problems are on the score cards.

• There will be a launch night starting at 6.30pm on the Friday for each new round. Everyone who comes on that night and buys a score card will instantly be added to a raffle draw which will happen at 8.30pm on the night. Drinks and food also available.

• To enter just ask for a £3 score card at the reception. All money goes towards the final prize pool.

• Record your results on the score card. You have the full month to try the problems (score yourself as you go around). You can also leave your score card at reception to collect whenever you return during the month.

• All score cards need to be handed in before the next round is set. We record all of the results and publish them a week after the start of the next round.

• The monthly rounds are informal but there are a few rules which need to be followed. Please read HERE.

• You can put your three best scores from the first four rounds towards your final score.

• The final event is a one day event held on Saturday, March 3. You will have a maximum of four attempts for each problem and the points on the final day will be worth double.

• Your final score will be your grand final double points added to your best three results from the first four rounds. So, if you miss a round you will still have a chance of getting a good score. The final round must be included in your final score.

• At the final event there will be 30 problems to do between 9.00am and 5.00pm.

• The finals for the top-four men and top-four woman will then be held at 6.30pm.

• We’ll finish with food, drinks and DJ’s until late!

Each age category will have a male and female winner.

• Veteran – Born on or before 1971
• Senior – Born between 1972 – 1999
• Junior – Born on 2000 or 2001
• Youth – Born on or after 2002

What Prizes Can I Win?

Climbers from every category will have opportunities to win prizes throughout the league. These will be awarded on the launch night, through raffles, monthly “Best Improver”, and other similar categories.  There will be a significant cash prize for the seniors at the end of the league and many prizes from Stronghold and our sponsors for all age categories.

• Free month membership to Stronghold

• Free Private Coaching Session

• Free Coffee

• Stronghold T-Shirts and Vests

• Chalk Bags, Chalk and Liquid Chalk

• All the money accumulated from the entry price for the 5 rounds will go towards the final prizes for the Senior competitors. Stronghold will round the prize pool up to the nearest £1,000.

• The sponsors will be providing crash pads, rock shoes, clothing, chalk bags and other items to be thrown into the prize pool.

More information coming soon.

Winter Bouldering League