If this is your first time visiting a Stronghold Climbing Centre then this page is for you! If you have climbed recently at one of our centres you do not need to refill in the registration form if visiting a different Stronghold centre.

adult Registration (aor) form
watch induction video

Experienced Adult Climber

If it’s your first visit here and you have climbing experience then you can pre-register with us prior to your visit by filling in the Unsupervised Adult Acknowledgment of Risk (AOR) Form online. Please ensure you watch the Safety Induction video prior to filling out the form.

*Please note that there is a one-off £3 registration fee for all first time customers to Stronghold. This will only be paid once the registration process is completed at Stronghold reception*

An Adult New to Climbing

You don’t need experience to boulder at Stronghold. You just need to watch our induction video and complete the Unsupervised Adult AOR form prior to visiting the centre. You will be expected to pass the safety questions at the reception so be sure to take note on the video and form!

Want to Bring the Kids

Head over to our Kids and Families page for everything you need to know.

Our lockers operate on a padlock system – please bring your own padlock if you wish to use a locker. There are padlocks available to purchase in our shop.


New to Climbing but Would Like to be Supervised

1. Come with a friend who is already (or can be) registered at Stronghold as an Unsupervised Adult Climber and they can supervise you. The registered Experienced Adult Climber will have to fill out a Novice Supervisors Form for every novice climber being supervised n.b. 1 x Experienced Adult can supervise 1 x Novice at one time. Read more about our Novice and Supervision Policy here>>

2. Once Covid restrictions allow, you can sign up below to one of our fantastic Adult Induction sessions. These will teach all you need to know to climb safely, unsupervised at Stronghold. (These currently aren’t available, we hope to bring this session back in late May)

Our Supervisor system is in place for your own safety, that of the individual you are supervising, and for the safety of other users of the centre.

If you are planning to bring a child or young person under the age of 18 then please head over to our kids and families page for more information

Novice Supervision and U18 Policy