Climbing is a life long sport and for many people it begins when they are a kid. If your kid climbs anything and everything and you want them to get instructed by a Stronghold Coach then the Rockers is for them.

Currently we only offer kids sessions at our Tottenham Hale site. We offer sessions for kids 6-10yrs and for 11yrs+. The Rockers is for kids who have never climbed or are new to the sport. Rockstars is for those skilled youngsters who have been climbing for a few years. In both sessions, and at all times, our coaches are there to help them develop their agility, balance, co-ordination and belief in themselves through fun climbing sessions.

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Please remember to fill out an Instructed Kids Consent Form before you arrive at Stronghold. All children must have this form completed before they are able to take part in their first session.

Novice Supervision and U18 Policy

Kids Instructed Consent Form