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Stronghold: London Fields will bring a beautiful new bouldering centre to the heart of Hackney and East London.

 A facility that will build on our years of experience in Tottenham Hale and encompass the very best of the London bouldering scene.



    • Air conditioned and temperature controlled climbing area
    • Yoga studio
    • Cafe area overlooking Regent’s Canal
    • Full retail offering with a fantastic selection of climbing shoes and clothing
    • Gym and Fitness area
    • Circuit Board and an incredible training board…
    • Heated changing rooms
    • And of course 100’s of amazing climbs for complete beginners to elite level

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Stronghold London Fields location coming soon


We will be announcing the location of our London Fields site very soon

Opening Times:

We will have our opening times soon

London Fields
East London


The Deathstar is back!

That's right, our iconic Deathstar is now up in our new home. As we mentioned before, a big part of our plan was to recycle parts of the original wall to help reduce waste, and to remind ourselves of where it all started. The Deathstar was one of the key features we wanted to find a home for in the new centre. You'll find it, and plenty more in our new larger home.

At the moment, nobody can be sure of when climbing walls will reopen, but when they do, we will have a beautiful new climbing centre ready for you to enjoy.

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