Pre Registration

Registration is required for everyone wishing to use the centre.

Pre-registering online ahead of your first visit will speed up the process and allow for more climbing time!

Before you complete the registration form you should watch our Induction video.

Watching the induction video is mandatory for anyone with less than 6 months of bouldering experience.

After watching the induction video, if you still feel unsure about your climbing ability, you should book an induction session, a private session or climb with a supervisor. You can book here

If you are under 18 or you are planning to bring a child with you to the centre, please refer to our Under 18 Policy here

If you are looking for our Terms & Conditions, please click here



Pre-Register Now Watch video
Pre Registration

Novice climbers or under-18 climbers

If you intend to supervise a novice, you will be expected to demonstrate your knowledge of climbing to a Stronghold Climbing Centre staff member and pass a Supervisor Assessment test, comprising of 14 questions relating to your experience.

Supervisors are allowed to supervise a maximum of 2 people at the same time or one person, if under 6 years old.

Our Supervisor system is in place for your own safety, that of the individual you are supervising, and for the safety of other users of the centre.

Find out more in our Under 18 policy section.